Coming Aboard Inkwell Newswatch

Hey, you! Are you a writer?

I notice that you’re a reader, but are you a writer? I know it can be a hard question to answer. What or who defines what a writer is and if you qualify or not?

After struggling with these questions for a good long time, I’ve decided to shove them off. Who cares? Am I writing? Great! End of discussion. Sometimes the analysis kills the subject, and then you’re back to the start. And so I have revealed my approach to writing.

Now you know what kind of editor I am. In case you need to be hit over the head with things, I’ll fill you in a bit. Open: open-minded, open-hearted, open to discovering the nugget of gold in written pieces and shining it up so others can see its value. Faith: full of faith that what comes out has purpose and value even if it’s not pretty to start with. Hope: hope that in bringing clarity to a piece, I can enable the reader to gain new insight and expanded perspective.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not always an easy task. Most of the time it’s quite a challenge. I don’t want to misrepresent what the author has in mind by taking over the piece or rewriting it as my own. But I do want to make it easy, entertaining, and educational to read, so it’s appropriate for IN to publish. It’s a bonus if the piece can be moving while educating. For the articles presented in Writer’s Life, these are my editorial goals.

In the nine genre-areas of Writer’s Life, we try to assemble articles that will boost your growth and success. Because our audience is vast and diverse, you may find that sometimes an article seems too remedial or too advanced for your current development. However, no matter where you are in the advancement of your skills, you should be able to find a kernel of useful wisdom in each piece we presenteven if it is only a small “uh-huh” at being reminded of what you already know.

The content of a publication is a collaborative effort. One very important component in the collaboration is the consumer. Communicate with uslet us know what you’d like to learn. Do you have a question you’d like to ask a published author? I can’t guarantee that we can get the answer from a specific author, but we can get the answer in the form of an article from a published author in the specific writing genre.

I am excited to join the FWO-Int’l and IN. The opportunity to contribute to such a valuable resource is fantastic! Messrs. Rhodes and Jung, you have established something wonderful.

Thank you to those of youyou know who you arewho connected me with the experienced, knowledgeable, and always supportive, Rowdy Rhodes. And thank you Rowdy and Daryl for bringing me on board and having faith and patience.

I won’t let you down.

First published by Inkwell Newswatch (IN)

© Julie Pierce and Julie’s Writing Portfolio, 2005-2011.

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