Light and Airy: Less Filling Than Pecan Pie

We’re well into the holiday season, but I’m not clear which marks the exact start. Is it Halloween or is it Thanksgiving? Either way, by the end of November the landslide is underway, carrying us through to the beginning of January.

What do the holidays mean to you? Is it a time you enjoy, or do you wish you could fast-forward? It seems to me that this time of year fast-forwards itself. I think the clocks and calendars join together in a conspiracy against human ability. Bottom line, until the middle of the first week of January, this is the time of year that’s gone before you know it. December is a true blur.

Due to the fact that our lives are jam-packed at this time of year, we’ve lightened your reading load a bit with a slightly slimmer edition. Right about now, you may be more occupied with partying, celebrating, reveling, and reflecting on the year gone past and new ambitions for the future. This is true for us at IN as well.

January marks IN’s third year of publication. If you’ve been reading IN for these past 24 months, you’ll feel the real depth of this anniversary. For those who have joined the IN family more recently, the significance of this milestone is one of shared pride and pleasure.

In 2007, we intend to continue delivering a publication that is valuable to you on multiple levels. Our ambitions grow larger and our reach spreads wider with each passing month. To keep us on track, you can help by communicating with us about what works for you and what you’d like to see that you haven’t seen yet. We’re not fishing for compliments here; rather, your communication with us can be part of a successful guidance system. So, don’t be shy. If we hear nothing from you, we have to assume we’re doing it right.

We’ve gone for a variation to our presentation of authors this month on our cover, our featured author interview, and with INside Authors. This edition’s cover is a collage of 64 of our contributors from the past two years. And our feature interview includes comments from a selection of our contributors as well. Due to space limitations, dead email addresses, or authors who are just plain busy, only a selection of the wonderful people that have made IN a success have been included in this presentation.

Take it all in at once, or take a leisurely read through the pages of this edition. It will be here for you through the month of December when you need a break from family gatherings, wrapping paper, card and letter writing, football, and baking. It’s also a great companion when you’re stuck indoors because of bad weather.

Happy Holidays!

First published by Inkwell Newswatch (IN)

© Julie Pierce and Julie’s Writing Portfolio, 2005-2011.

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