What You Wanna Be

I must have been distracted by the music and the parade. Otherwise, how did we get to May already? Narrowing the focus of my reflection on time’s recent escape, I realize that I have to take responsibility for the choices I made every day along the way that got me to this present feeling of “what the deuces!”

Yes, it was I who made other things a priority over my writing. It’s an undeniable fact that I need to get the bills paid and spend time with loved ones and occasionally eat and sleep. But after those, I should be doing nothing but writing. This is the only approach that makes any sense considering the dedicated writer I wanna be.

Hmm. Yes, I see. I’m a wanna be. Until, I’m actually doing it, I’m simply wanting to be a dedicated writer. The intention is mighty, but it has not proven its strength against the distractions and demands of everyday life.

And so, I’ll start again with bolstered intention. I’ll re-tune my frequency to the channel that plays my personal drummer and piper. If I change the channel to music that makes me dance with “real” life, it will be only briefly, with vigilance and closely monitored consciousness. Perhaps this approach will get me to that pinnacle of writerhood.

Somehow, I don’t think that’s a realistic approach. Have you been through this exercise yourself? Then you probably already know such extreme rigidity is no good for creativity. Discipline is important. Prioritization is key. However, engaging with life is critical to the mulch from which your creative seeds grow to full bloom.

Engage with life and keep your ear keenly tuned to your drummer and piper so you can be what you wanna be.

First published by Inkwell Newswatch (IN)

© Julie Pierce and Julie’s Writing Portfolio, 2005-2011.

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