Game Descriptions for GameHouse

Between April 2013 and August 2014, I wrote weekly copy for the game descriptions published on (a division of RealNetworks). Here are a few samples from that work:

Royal Envoy – Campaign for the Crown Platinum Edition

Game Features

Play 63 levels of story mode and challenge yourself in Expert mode.
Explore a variety of hazardous adventures as you solve the eerie mystery.
Complete fun quests and unlock over 50 achievements.
Unlock and play 30 bonus levels.
Own the original soundtrack, and play like a pro with the full-game walkthrough.

Game Description

Swindler is challenging King to an electoral campaign. Who has the kingdom’s best interest at heart? Who will win the votes of the people? In Royal Envoy – Campaign for the Crown Platinum Edition, your time management skills and well-honed diplomacy are put to the test.

As Swindler tours the kingdom making a mess, demolishing towns and collecting high taxes, your campaign stands easily on your sincere efforts to repair his damage, build new buildings, and bring prosperity to the towns and cities of the kingdom. With your help, King can win the elections and defend truth and justice in the kingdom. Swindler’s black game will be revealed.

Bring calm and confidence back to the kingdom as the winning candidate when you play the free trial version of Royal Envoy – Campaign for the Crown Platinum Edition today! Better yet, purchase and download the full-unlimited version to enjoy exclusive content including 30 bonus levels, game walkthrough, gorgeous wallpapers, and the original soundtrack.

Origins – Elders of Time

Game Features

Follow the unfolding of an adventure story full of unexpected twists.
Challenge yourself with clever puzzles and mini-games.
Encounter characters who may help or hinder your progress.
Uncover an unexpected secret.

Game Description

Find the lost island and reveal its secrets to understand your father’s mysterious disappearance in Origins – Elders of Time, a hidden object adventure that will transport you to another time and place.

For 20 years, you have wondered about the mysterious disappearance of your father, and now it’s time to investigate. What clues are left for you to follow? Who can you trust? You must be curious and clever all at once while you overcome challenges and puzzles that stand in your way.

Let your quick wit and imagination lead the way when you play the free trial version or download the full version of Origins – Elders of Time today!

The Path of Hercules

Game Features

Play over 60 varied match 3 and hidden object levels.
Enjoy the retelling of the ancient mythology of Hercules’ great feats.
Explore 7 renowned cities.
Engage with mythological beasts and creatures to become the hero of ancient Greece.

Game Description

Bravely follow the path of a legendary Greek hero to save the Peloponnese on a quest from the pages of ancient mythology in The Path of Hercules. In a unique mix of match 3, hidden object, and adventure gameplay, travel through the lands of ancient Greece and reassemble hidden antiquities to be returned to the mighty gods of Olympus. Restore historic landmarks and ruins as you experience the tales of power and heroics performed by the great Hercules.

The magnificent lands of the Peloponnesian Empire are in disarray. The citizens have become careless in their patronage and respect for the Olympic gods. Consequently, the Peloponnese have fallen from favor and the gods have neglected their abundance and happiness in return.

Restore 7 ancient artifacts to appease the gods, and revive the empire from destruction. Experience the courage and might of Hercules as your own when you try the free trial version of The Path of Hercules or download the full-unlimited version today!

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